Leading the Way in ESG Solutions

Verde 365 stands at the forefront of facilitating ESG reporting, offering expert consulting and bespoke software solutions. Our commitment goes beyond meeting current ESG requirements. We equip clients to anticipate and adapt to future regulations, empowering them to lead in sustainability. More than providing compliance assistance, we are a strategic partner fostering a culture of sustainability and long-term value. Our aim is to turn ESG reporting challenges into opportunities for growth, innovation, and corporate responsibility leadership.

With a team of seasoned professionals merging expertise in ESG practices, business consulting, AI & software engineering, we deliver solutions aimed at tackling environmental sustainability reporting requirements. Our focus areas—Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), Corporate Emissions, and Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculations—are at the forefront of our efforts to bring real change.

Leadership team

Collaborate with us and unlock the full potential of your sustainability reporting efforts.

Marko Koterle

Business Development Manager

David Papež

Chief Product Officer

Martin Koterle

ESG Development Team Lead

Taja Jalušić

ESG Expert Team Lead