Fast Carbon Footprint Reporting

Get AI-powered company and full product line up GHG carbon statements in weeks.

Addressing scope
1, 2 and 3 emissions

Covering GHG emissions and environmental reporting across all scopes.

This ensures a complete picture of your environmental footprint, empowering accurate impact assessment and reporting.

Automate Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculation for your entire product range

Let AI calculate the carbon footprint of thousands of products using only your Bill of Materials (BOM). Cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

Prioritizing actual data over industry averages

Move beyond generic estimates. Our tool prioritizes actual data from your company and suppliers over industry averages, wherever available.

Automate data
collection from

Whether you're working with 10 or 1,000 suppliers, our engagement module automatatically sends data requests to entire supplier network.

Improve your Scope 3 data and company's decarbonization potential with actual supplier data.