The all in one solution for your CSRD compliance

ESRS reporting made easy – from data collection to final reporting. Without prior knowledge, with our innovative software and personal support.

4 steps to CSRD compliance with Verde 365

Double materiality assessment
Use our innovative software workflows and consulting services.
Collect CO₂ and environmental information
Supported by our AI-powered carbon footprint accounting software, automated wherever possible.
Capture ESG/ESRS data
Collect company data collaboratively using the Verde365 software, facilitated by our tools and tips, and supported by assurance check-ups.
Report with one click
Export your ESRS report in xbrl format compliant with ESRS standards or any other format that suits you.

Double Materiality Assessment (DMA) in one, two, three

Our DMA module allows you to evaluate the sustainability impact of your operations and clarify disclosure requirements.

It's designed to facilitate stakeholder engagement and manage the assessment process effectively, while cooperating with consultants within the platform.


Build your list of sustainability matters


Conduct Impact Materiality Assessment and Financial Materiality Assessment


Get DMA results

Collect, aggregate and keep track of ESG data

Stay on top of your ESG data collection process and keep track of the progress of your Sustainability Disclosures.

Generate ESRS report with a single click

Simplify reporting workflows and finish with a one-click feature that instantly produces ESG reports in xbrl format, compliant with ESRS standards and ready for CSRD submission.

Achieve efficiency through automation

Studies suggest companies could incur annual costs exceeding €300,000 for CSRD compliance.

By harnessing AI and automation, our solution addresses this challenge at a fraction of the cost, ensuring substantial savings without compromising on quality or compliance.

Corporate and product footprint insights

Our solution extends beyond the broader company-wide Scope 1, 2 & 3 assessments.

Get detailed carbon footprint of each individual product, enabling a more granular understanding of your environmental impact.

Check our carbon footpring accountig solution

Decarbonize your business

With Scope 3 accounting for over 80% of CO2 emissions, achieve real change by targeting decarbonization efforts within your supply chain.

Network of ESG
and industry experts  

Benefit from over 50 senior ESG experts and industry specialists across various sectors.

Get direct access to professionals who can provide guidance on CSRD requirements and sustainability best practices, ensuring you have the support you need to navigate compliance challenges confidently.